Saturday, July 19, 2008

Films: Mamma Mia!

Mamma mia, here I go again
My my, how can I resist you?

This is perhaps the most popular line in the movie, and perhaps one of the most popular songs by ABBA. Mamma Mia! is also the film adaptation of the Broadway show of the same name.
I saw this movie a few hours ago and it was really fun! Oh, it wasn't really Oscar material but it was a lighthearted movie. There were laughs all throughout the movie owing to the characters' antics and dilemmas.
In this movie, Meryl Streep is amazing! She portrayed Donna to a T; a hippie, single mom, who doesn't need anybody. The most surprising part of the movie was Pierce Brosnan, who I always see as 007; singing, dancing, and wearing a 70s get-up!
Amanda Seyfried, who plays Sophie, is so cute! I could still see her as a dumb blond in the movie, Mean Girls. I never knew that she could sing and dance! This is perhaps one of her best films to date and will undoubtedly put her on the map.
The movie had a nice twist in the end and I was really surprised at how Sophie ended. I can't wait to see Mamma Mia on Broadway! There were a few songs that weren't included in the movie which is in the Broadway version.
Not surprisingly, the theater was packed because a lot of people where lining up to see The Dark Knight. I wanted to see The Dark Knight first but my mom just had to see Mamma Mia so we went. There was an old couple sitting in the row in front of us who were enjoying the movie. I know, ABBA is an old group and I'm sure some of you, actually, you can include me in that group, are not that familiar with ABBA songs. I could even count in one hand their songs that I do know! Hehehe...
Want to see Mamma Mia? Check out your local theaters for show times and dates. But seriously, I would advice you to see The Dark Knight first!

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