Sunday, August 3, 2008

Films: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is the third installment of The Mummy series. The movie stars Brendan Fraser (Rick O'Connel), Jet Li (Emperor Han), John Hannah (Jonathan Carnahan), Maria Bello (Evelyn O'Connel), Michelle Yeoh (Zi Juan), Luke Ford (Alex O'Connel), and Isabella Leong (Lin).

The movie starts, like all the other Mummy movies start, with a little bit of history about the said mummy. Fast forward to a few centuries, Rick O'Connel and Evie O'Connel seem to be bored with their lives and are thirsting for adventure when a request to bring a certain artifact back to Shanghai, come their way. Their son, Alex, is now grown up and seems to be following in his family's footsteps; grave digging, treasure hunting, and even a love for guns.

This time, they awaken the first emperor of Qin who was cursed by a Wizard. As with the other Mummy movies, there was a lot of action and laughs, albeit a few, all throughout the movie.

Admittedly, the movie was pretty good, although I still love the first Mummy as the best among the three. Rachel Weisz didn't reprise her role as Evie (which I believe ruined it for me because I thought she was perfect for the part; no offense to Miss Bello). I was also quite puzzled at Evie's expertise about Ancient Chinese writing because it was clear in the first two films that she was an expert in Ancient Egyptian and expressed interest in Egyptian Civilization.

There was a surprising twist when the movie reached its climax, which I thought was what made this movie different from the rest.

I would rate this movie a 3 out of 5 and would suggest you to wait for the DVD release, if you haven't seen it in theaters.

Coincidentally, the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California is exhibiting the Terra Cotta Warriors from May 18, 2008 - October 12, 2008. I've been dragging my feet on this one but now, I am definitely going to see them in the flesh clay! Hehehe

Has anyone seen the movie? What do you think?

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