Friday, August 1, 2008

Food Friday: Fresh Mex

It's Mexican again! I am a huge fan of Mexican food and this one takes the cake enchilada! I posted a not so yummy burrito for Food Friday two weeks ago and wasn't so happy. That is about to change! I have tasted, not one, but two yummy enchiladas, one taco and one tamale from Chevys!

I chose the Chevys Super Cinco Combo and was really stuffed! It was uber yummy, something I wouldn't mind eating again! My meal had a Chicken enchilada, a beef enchilada, a beef crispy taco, a hand-rolled pork tamale, and a hand-battered chile relleno. The chile isn't pictured here because it didn't turn out okay.

This Food Friday Entry will be a special! I am posting a slurry of photos just to celebrate the yummyness of my meal!

Corn Tortillas and Salsa for the Appetizer...what's more, it's free!

Soda goes with the meal...with free refills!

My's enough to feed an army!

Chevys Fresh Mex

Chevys Fresh Mex
701 N. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502


Food Friday is a weekly Meme by Maiylah.

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