Saturday, October 4, 2008

Trips: Lake Shrine

Lake Shrine Entrance

The Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine is a garden dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda in 1950. was an Indian yogi and guru who introduced many westerners to the teachings of meditation and Kriya Yoga.

Lake Shrine 066

The Lake Shrine as it is popularly known, is a peaceful garden where you can sit, relax, and meditate. We went there last Sunday because I wanted to see the place and take photos. As soon as I entered its sanctum, I was amazed at how beautiful and peaceful the garden was.

Lake Shrine paths Lake Shrine 015

I saw a person walking on his bare feet, someone meditating in the yoga position, and a few people just sitting and absorbing the beauty of the place.

Lake Shrine 056

The garden basically surrounds the natural spring fed lake. A Windmill Chapel, an authentic reproduction of a 16th century Dutch windmill, houses their meditation room.

Ghandi World Peace Memorial
Gandhi World Peace Memorial

Golden Lotus Archway
Golden Lotus Archway

Buddha in the Japanese Garden
Buddha in the Japanese Garden

Lake Shrine Benches
Lake Shrine Benches

Sunken Garden
The Sunken Garden


Wishing Well
Wishing Well

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Self-Realization Fellowship Temple - Lake Shrine
17190 Sunset Boulevard
Pacific Palisades, California 90272-3099
Telephone: (310) 454-4114

Entrance is free
My Rating: 3 STARS

Lake Shrine Temple