Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Deviant on the Loose!

Click Image for a larger view

Anyone interested in art? Well, I am an admirer of art, and a frustrated artist, sort of but this friend of mine really takes the cake! He has been drawing since he was as child, as he claimed, and is greatly inspired by Marvel action heroes like the X-Men. He is none other than rhardo, one of the Buluyagonz. Hop over to his site rhardo on DeviantArt and check his stuff out. He is currently accepting art commissions so if you are interested, just PM him. I am merely showing you a sample of his work so check his DeviantArt site for more. He also has a blog in the works so you can drop by here if you are interested. By the way, rhardo also has a twin brother and is quite handy with the pen (read: both of them are artists)!

Note: My hubby is also an artist and I love his work to bits! He has given me a lot of stuff that he made himself and although they might not be much, they are priceless to me!

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