Friday, July 11, 2008

Experiments: Monetizing Your Blog Part 1

I've learned a lot of things during the few months that I have returned to blogging. One of which is monetizing my blog. But how do you monetize your blog? Well, I'm sure most of you have come across a lot of get paid to blog and get paid to advertise sites so I think it would be too much information if I would blog about them (but maybe I'll include a separate post for the legit sites).
I would like to share to you a few tips on how to go about monetizing your blog.
  1. First of, you should have your very own blog. Don't have one? There are a lot of blog hosting sites that would host your blogs for free. I am currently using
  2. Next, think about your over-all blog theme or the look of your blog. There are also a lot of pre-made themes and blog designs available to you if you don't know how to make them from scratch (like me). Just search for it using any search engine like Adding a unique look or an interesting theme will increase appeal to your blog, thereby driving in new readers.
  3. Now that you have made your blog to your liking, it is now time to start posting. This would depend on what you would want to write about. Free your mind and let your creative juices flow. Be creative. Always remember that content is KING.
  4. I would also advice you to buy your own domain. offers cheap domain hosting so if you signed up for a blog, then purchase a domain there. This is optional however, there are some websites that do not accept subdomains. You would know that your blog is a subdomain when your blog URL looks like this (I am using as an example). You can still monetize your blog even if you are still subdomained but you will get less opportunities than others who have their own domain like
  5. Next, you need to build a network of blogging friends. This can be achieved by visiting other blogs and requesting for exchange links. Although I love exchanging links, I would advise you to exchange links with blogs that you really visit. Doing this can build up your readership and add traffic to your blogs. Joining social sites, link surfing sites, and webrings are also a good way to drive traffic to your blog.
  6. During this time, blog hopping and exchanging links can be done while letting your blog mature. When I say mature, I simply mean that you need your blog to be online for one month or so (you will know why later). During which time, you also need to publish 3-4 unique blog posts in a week. Unique blog posts mean that they are your original writing and not something that you just ctrl + c and ctrl + v (copied) from some site or blog.
  7. I emphasized that you need your blog to be online for about a month because most websites that will enable you to monetize your blog require you to have your blog online for at least 30 days; some sites even require more time. I also stressed that you need to publish 3-4 unique blog posts in a week because that is also one of their requirements.
  8. Now that you have done all of these, it's time to sign up for websites that will allow you to monetize your blog. There are a lot of sites out there that offer this service so searching them would not be a problem. However, some of these sites are out to scam you, so watch out!
Well, that's it for now. I am going to add a few tips that I learned (some of them I've learned the hard way) while blogging. I am not a pro-blogger and I am not a techie literate blogger; just a newbie sharing her experiences in the world of blogging.
Don't fret when you think that monetizing your blog seems hard and impossible. It will come; you will earn.

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