Friday, July 11, 2008

Flirt Up Your Life

I don't think I've ever been called a consummate flirt before (I know a few of my friends think that I am but I’m not). Way back in high school, I used to be this awkward, chubby girl who always wore black. It was like an unspoken trend. Even with my penchant for black and being a loner, some people still called me a flirt. Yep, they did. Really. I think it was because of a time where I was a bit close to a group of guys in my class. Well, they told me that I was the only girl who didn’t cringe when they talked about “boy stuff” within my hearing. Ah, I was used to it. I mean, I loved to read and by freshman year of high school, I was a bit of a…free thinker.
Of course I couldn’t deny that I didn’t flirt! Well, I did as what girls that age are supposed to do, so don’t crucify me. I always had this “innocent” look so to speak, that seemed endearing to the guys. I smile when I recall my antics then.
However, this “innocent” look was quite instrumental in snagging my hubby when I was a sophomore in college. By then, I had already shed my love for black and started wearing girly clothes. Oh, I was still chubby (and still am) but I gained self-confidence. I was the girl who didn’t care what others think (well, I still don’t, as a matter of fact).
Going back to my hubby, he was done with college when we met and I think he loved my air of innocence. When we were together, I still kept on showing him my “innocent” look even though I wasn’t that naïve. I don’t mean to say that I was totally liberate when we met but, let’s just say that I wasn’t totally innocent (I was already exposed to books, movies, the internet, and other people). Well, this flirting tactic worked because we had been dating for almost seven years when he proposed. We’re married now and I still show him my “innocent” look. Hey, I don’t think this gets old because it still gets me what I want!
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