Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Experiments: Real D 3D

When I found out that there was going to be a remake? of the movie A Journey to the Center of the Earth with a modern twist, I thought that it would be an okay movie to watch. I mean, I absolutely love books written by Jules Verne and A Journey... is one of my faves. When I found out that it would also be shown in Real D 3D, I was ecstatic! I haven't seen a movie in 3D before (ignorant, much)! So there I was, waiting for the movie to be released on the big screen until it finally came out last Friday.
We watched the movie last Sunday. However, the movie wasn't really that good. It was just okay. Brendan Frasier wasn't funny this time, unlike his antics in The Mummy. I did love the 3D part of the movie! There were a few eewww parts in the movie where the 3D effect really amplified the experience; e.g. when Trevor (Brendan Frasier's character) spat after he brushed his teeth and the camera was angled in a way where he looked like he spat on the camera; in 3D, it looked like he spat on us! Ewww! There were also other neat amplified 3D effects in the movie where I swear I could smell lava or something; I know it's just my overactive imagination but the 3D did it.

This was a better experience than watching movies on IMAX. I mean, IMAX is just a big screen but the 3D really added an ooopphh where IMAX could not.

Movie Poster: Google Images
Trailer: YouTube

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