Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mommy Bloggers on Social Spark

During my return to blogging, I have met quite a few moms who blog and earn at home through blogging. Some earn for fun and extra income, while some are stay-at-home mommies who actually earn online as a primary source of income. Whatever their reasons are, they really earn online. Most of them have expressed their gratitude to this way of making money because they can stay at home and be a full-time mommy and spend time with their kids.
I know most working moms despair that they only spend a few hours at home with their family and some have even opted to join the mommies that earn online and stay at home.
SocialSpark is a pay-per-post website that lets you choose any opportunity that you love to write about. You get paid by blogging about products and issues and reviews that interest you and match your blogs' theme.
SocialSpark can also help in increasing your blog’s readership because it also works as a social site. You can reconnect with other mommies around the world and visit their blogs, give them props, fave those blogs you frequent, and even add them as friends. Neat, isn’t it? Making friends and making money, all in one site.
SocialSpark is also powered by Izea and is a legit company that is not out to scam you, so you need not worry. A lot of bloggers have already expressed their contentment with SocialSpark and have been paid by them.
If you’re not a SocialSparker, signing up is easy. Just hop over to and sign up, add a blog or multiple blogs and you are set. Simply follow the instructions, install a few codes, and wait for your blog to be approved and then you can start waiting for ops at the Marketplace.
What are you waiting for mommies? Join SocialSpark now!

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