Sunday, August 24, 2008

Making Plans for the Future

I can’t say that I have really thought about my future and my family’s future. Well, I just got married and I haven’t really pondered about what our future would be. I am pretty much quite dependent, as most Filipinos are, to my parents, most especially with my mom since I am living with her right now. My hubby and I have talked about plans for the future but nothing is definite yet. Seeing as he has barely new in his job and I am still reviewing for my exam.

I know I still have so much more to learn about managing my finances. I have started asking questions from my mom regarding insurance, loans, and debt consolidation so that I can get a better grasp on financial matters. I admit that I suck at math; I’m just doubly glad that my hubby and my mom are both math whizzes.

Speaking of my financial expertise, I took the Bills IQ test at and got an 89%. This definitely means that I am learning. I did encounter a lot of items that I needed brushing up with, though but I am confident that I got the concept. Anyhow, I can always ask for debt help from my mom!

My mom and I are planning to purchase a house in the next two years seeing as the market has considerably gone low this year. I know snagging a house would cost us but I know that this is definitely a good investment.

Do you know your BillsIQ? Want to know how to achieve debt relief? Don’t waste time and test your IQ now!

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