Monday, August 25, 2008

Rants: Seeing RED!

Well who wouldn't? It was just a normal afternoon for me and a few friends after our review yesterday. Discussing a few strategies and pointers that our reviewer gave us and planning for a group study for Monday.

Unfortunately, we where rudely interrupted by two really annoying teenagers who overheard us and started making barfing sounds. Annoying right? So we just ignored them. Yeah right. They were still at it! How immature. Seeing as they were teenagers simply seeking attention, all you need to do is simply ignore them.

A passenger, who joined in on our conversation didn't get the memo. Here's how our conversation played out:

Lady: Are you guys okay?
Teen1: No, he is not.
Teen2: I'm not feeling good. You a doctor?
Lady: No, I'm a nurse.
Teens snicker. Lady Ignores them. Barfing sounds resume for about 2 minutes. Lady: Are you having problems? I can pull the emergency button for you.
Teen1: Sure.
Teen2: Go ahead. Push the button.
Lady ignores them. Teens continue barfing sounds. Me (talking to the lady): All you need to do is ignore them. They're just seeking for attention.
Friend1: Wala talaga silang respeto no? (They have no respect, right?)
Me: Nakakainis! Pero wala tayong magawa. (They're annoying! But we can't do anything) We just ignore them so that they will stop.
Barfing still continues but infrequently this time. I ignored them but the lady kept on glancing their way until we reached our stop.
It was definitely annoying! Challenging the lady to push the emergency button? If they challenged me, I would definitely push the emergency button. Those kids need to be taught a lesson!

We are in Hollywood for crissake, and that was the best they could do?! I wasn't amused at all. Actually, if the lady didn't mind them at all, I know they would have stopped barfing and crying wolf.

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