Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sproutwells and Soccer Moms

The Sproutwells are a fruit and vegetable family who are living among us. This short episode currently shows Mom watching Ruby’s soccer game. I enjoyed this short clip and I didn’t even expect it!

I have heard of a lot of crazy soccer mom stories, some hilarious and some pretty disturbing but it all boils down to them being stage mom’s. I know all moms would love to see their kids succeed and they would also want to encourage their kids. Some have gone waaay overboard though and have picked fights here and there. Cat fights, anyone?

The Sproutwells are also fond of freshfunds, a website similar to Ebay where you can rack up points, bid online and make donations to charity online. Not only that, you get to learn more about fruits, vegetables, read about healthy tips, and know more about your health.

Want more Sproutwells? Check out this episode and tell me what you think!