Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Films: Twilight

With the recent release of Twilight in the movies last Friday, it was quite appropriate that I was hightailing it to the theaters at the earliest possible moment. In fact, my head is still stuck in twilight. There is good news to all Twilight fans out there since Summit Entertainment has already announced that New Moon is in the works. I don't know about you guys but I am quite interested to see how they will show the film since it is quite...Edward-less most of the time with Bella acting like the world has ended...but that is another story. Twilight has already raked in $70.6 billion in sales surpassing Quantum of Solace who is already in its second week.

The film stars Kristen Stewart (she's the kid in Panic Room...yeah I was surprise, too!) and Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in the HP GOF & HP OOTH) as both Bella and Edward respectively.

My View
It is quite tricky how to adapt a book into screen and in most cases, the film usually ends up as a disappointment. However, with that in mind, I was prepared to leave my book knowledge and view Twilight without any preconceived notions.

I found it quite hard to separate the film and the movie. I'm not saying that the movie wasn't good but it just lacked a few details that I thought where integral to the whole movie so that it would tie in with the book. I also saw a few modifications of the story and some that weren't included that I felt should have been included.

For instance, Bella was unnaturally clumsy but in the film, there was only a subtle reference in that. I thought it was important to show it because it was one of the things that Edward was drawn to. You see, in Midnight Sun (Meyer's unfinished book), Edward was in a dilemma: was he a predator or a protector? So adding this element in the film would have added a whole new dimension which would tie it in with the book. I did ask someone who hasn't read the book and she did mention to me that she didn't see Bella as clumsy as all.

The was also the "asking to the dance" thing which was not included in the film. I thought it would have been nice to see Bella's expression and add another thing that Bella would be suspicious about. This would include the searches she did on the Internet and walking alone in the woods to think about how the new knowledge she found out about the Cullen's would affect her feelings for Edward.

I know it's hard to fit a book into a two hour movie so I can let the modifications and the parts that were not included in the movie slide. I'll probably wait for the DVD release and check out the deleted scenes to see what they cut out of the whole film.

All in all it was a surprisingly good film and I loved it! I guess you could say ALL the male vampires where GORGEOUS! hahaha yup, I've got my head stuck in the clouds this time! Oh, let us not forget my favorite character Jacob, he was gorgeous, too! I do recommend, however that you read Twilight then Midnight Sun, in that order, first before seeing the movie. Why? Because I think that reading them first would make your brain fill in the cut out parts and make you appreciate the movie more. I think this movie was made with that in mind: people have read the book first.

So while I give it three point five stars, I still loved the movie immensely and will definitely buy the DVD.