Friday, November 28, 2008

Charter Deals and a Free Gift Card


With Black Friday just minutes away, a lot of good deals have been popping up here and there. To be honest, people are probably lining up in front of their favorite stores in hopes to grab the best deals of the items on their wish list.

Personally, I haven’t tried lining up in front of a store just to grab limited items that are on sale but when it was described to be I had to cringe. You can’t imagine what utter chaos you would encounter, not to mention lining up as early as 12 midnight!

Wouldn’t you want to skip the lines BUT get the same deals online? Well, Charter has offered up to $250 worth gift certificate at selected stores just by signing up for their bundle.

For the Charter Communications Ultimate Service Bundle you will receive:
High Speed Internet:
10 Mbps High Sp
Digital Home
Charter HD
Sports View
Digital View
Showtime/The Movie Chann
Unlimited Calling

By signing up for this deal, you automatically get a $250 gift certificate and a chance to win a brand new X-Box 360 game console. Now, how cool is that? You could also get the lower bundles and still get a chance to win a brand new X-Box 360 game console.

What are you waiting for? Offer is only good for one week so hurry and sign up now!