Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Trips: Raspberry Picking at Riley's Farm

Riley's Farm
As luck would have it, my mom and I finally went apple picking. Of course, she badgered me to go cherry picking but at that time, I just couldn't say yes. I finally caved and dragged along my camera in hopes of getting really good practice shots. Because the cherry season came and went, we had no choice but to go apple picking instead.

Saturday was a fine day to go picking whatever fruits were in season. It was sunny but not too hot, although I still had to wear a light jacket because I'm not quite used to this weather yet. We [read my mother] had our hearts set on picking apples but in reality, we picked raspberries! It's quite different when you pick the fruit off the plant and eat it right then and there and I couldn't help but be excited. Seriously though, I didn't quite love the taste of raspberries.
Granny Smith Apple
Granny Smith Apples
Yes, they're out of season

The farm that we went to, Riley's Farm, in Oak Glen, California, is a family run farm that offers a wide variety of activities set in the Pilgrim times. Of course, the highlight of their farm is the picking of certain fruits that are in season, like apples, raspberries, strawberries, and pears. It was a bit too late in the season for the others but we managed to get the last of the raspberries before they went off season.

Riley's Farm

The fruit pickings aren't free though, but all you need to do is purchase a container and the prices depend on their size and then you are free to pick the fruit. Certain rules come with the picking of the fruit though; to safeguard the trees and plants.
What hit me was the little cottage where you can make your own apple cider by hand. Simply place the apples and turn the crank on your own to get your very own fresh cider. Of course if you didn't want to go to all that trouble, you can buy them at the General Store.
Cider House
Naturally, I took a few shots of the insects that I found hanging around the farm (I seriously need a macro lens!). I did have a hard time photographing them because I was just using an 18-55mm lens that came with my D40 kit but I think the photos turned out great, considering my limited equipment (note: I did have to go really, really close to the insects to get them this big). Oh, and I'd like to think that the horses loved me and posed for the camera!
Lady Bug
Did he just stick his tongue out at me?

I give my experience 3.5 stars.


Riley's Farm
Oak Glen, California
Entrance to the farm is free but you have to purchase Riley Farm containers to pick the fruit